Save the Music



(The Healing) by Gary Clark Jr.  A dope rock blues song about the power of music.


So much great music exists. One of the many great things about music is that you cannot ever listen to all of it. No person can listen to every piece of music ever made. You can dig records, and find new music as long as you live. The mission of BEATS, TIMES, AND LIFE is to listen closely for and search out new music to enhance every day experiences. These experiences in turn help give music more intrinsic value.

To hear a song playing as you eat, then find out about the song, it’s meaning and the artists who played on it is such a gratifying act.  Once you do the initial research you can expand the musical web even further. Connecting artists, and styles and themes throughout.

Understanding these connections can help us create a soundtrack that helps us navigate this life with more clarity.

When you listen closely music becomes more important you, you place value in it. Once you value music, you may want to learn to play music, or sing, or just learn more in general. The more people that value music, the easier it will be to SAVE THE MUSIC. Right now we are on a  downward spiral musically. Corporate radio, piracy, and lack of artist development has left us flat.

Music is being taken out of schools, where are our next great instrumentalists going to come from? Ron Carter picked up the bass because he got to music class late one day , and that was the only instrument left. Imagine if he never had that opportunity?

Children and adults need music education. We need to do all we can to get music a place of respect and value, so that it doesn’t go away or turn into something unrecognizable.

Jazz and Blues are the foundations of American music. Yet rarely do you hear it played, talked about or studied outside of academic music institutions. I really want everyone, but especially the next generation of youth to have a love for and understanding of Jazz and Blues. It is the center of all the forms of Black music, and has influenced every style of American music.   I will do everything I can to


another note –   Support, perform, and create music that is funky and uplifting.



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