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Lets open with some Kinks.

Waterloo Sunset- The Kinks                                    

For this edition of Brooklyn Beats we are featuring my friend Kat Parker. We were colleagues at Scratch DJ Academy, then she moved to Brooklyn only blocks away from me. Our kids are the same age, so we get together once a week for a vinyl session. A vinyl session that often includes up to four children, grilled cheese sandwiches, coffee and a melt down or two.


Kat is the mother of 2 :Miles and Sage

Tom, Sage and Miles

Wife of one- Tom

Tom in the crowd at the last Grateful Dead show in Chicago. Gotta love him.

Kat is currently the music editor at-

Check out her mixes and recommendations from the site. You are sure to get turned on some really unique selections.


Within our weekly kid  sessions many records get played. So many.  From Willie Dixon, to the Grateful Dead, DMX to Clifton Chenier. T-Rex to The Supremes.

She and Tom have a ridiculous vinyl collection. I truly admire it. It is so thorough. The “Rock Wall” is what I call their rock section, it takes up an entire wall of their apartment. A journey to the top of this wall will shake you up and down for sure, and that is just one side of the place.

On a quick first glance into the stacks you can see Nick Drake box sets, White Stipes 45’s,  and a Tom Waits 12 inch. This is all surrounded by Ziggy Stardust and Dylan. Delve deeper, you will find doubles of a lot of classics. Zeppelin is present, so are the Kinks, Beatles, Willie Nelson, Buddy Guy and Nine Inch Nails. Keep climbing and you are for sure to run into Dr. John jamming with  Syl Johnson, and you my even move past a Digable Planet or two.

I have learned so much from the “Rock Wall” as well as the rest of the collection .  I make it  a point to pull something I have never heard before every time I visit.  These two really love vinyl, and are dedicated to buying what seems like all of it.

Rarely do you find non Dj’s who love to spend hours getting their fingers dirty with the remnants of 50 year old records that have been in a dark basement for 20 years. But they really love buying records in bulk and feasting their ears on all kinds of music.

The eclectic tastes along with a dedication to vinyl really made me want to know what has been spinning on their turntable . (Which is technic 1200) (They also have a full DJ Set up in their bedroom.)

Hereeeeere we go

Kat, what is currently on your Turntable?

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard- Quarters Album


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard- The River


What does it sound like to you ?

King Gizzard is this jazzy surfer rock. It’s raw beautiful and polyrhythmic. Looping and echoing back on itself.

The name is amazing, how did you find out about this group?

Well, Tom gets a weekly email blast from Jamie Widders called Widder Weekly. It is a great list of live shows and music listings.  He recommended going to see Courtney Barnett. He said that she was like a female Kurt Cobain. That compariason made Tom and I want to check her out. She rocked, but during the show she mentioned that she was listening to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. From there we got the vinyl.

What track in particular stands out to you?

I love the album and how it feels as a whole.

I really love a record you can put on and listen to all the way through. Not a collection of three minutes songs. I want a lush soundscape. One that has the ability to engage you fully, but is also a vehicle for escapism and mind expansion.  On the other end I have a playful spirit, I love music that allows that to shine. This album gives me all of that.

Put it on, let it play!

Can you put us on to few more artists we should be checking for?


Solomon LLori & His Afro-Drum Ensemble

Gbogtbo-Omo ibile-  This track features hubert laws on Tenor Sax  and Donald Byrd on trumpet.  A classic duo. Do check out Donald Byrd and Huber laws, they will make your life better. 



Novos Baianos- Album-  Acabou Chorare

This is amazing 70’s progressive Brazilian rock. I love listening to music in a language that I do not understand.

Not being able to understand Portuguese  allows me to create my own inner dialogue with the music. I am not just on the receiving end as a listener, I get to contribute my own thoughts to the experience.

Novos Baianos- Tinido Trincando



Kat, thanks so much for sharing your music and thoughts with us. It is obvious from your answers that music is a huge part of your everyday life, making its way into all your experiences. Recording those experiences is why we do this, so thank you again.  So glad we got a chance to hear some of them.

We got a lot of great new music to listen to. You broadened the horizon today.

Thank you.


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