Happy to see you again.




Waiting for the bus to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.

(Musical Time Stamp)  Happy to see you by – Graham Central Station


It is 7:42 pm. Lola is still giving a few 10 second spurts of crying. I can understand it. She had a great day and refuses to give up on it. Aaliyah passed out with her hand in a bag of gummies at about 7.  We really went hard today, and had a great time doing it. Playgrounds, museums, movies, snacks, limp body tantrums, lots of fun and an overwhelming amount of love.

There was a 4 or 5 month period after Lola was born where on Mondays and Tuesdays I had both Aaliyah and Lola for the whole day. 6 am till 6pm. It was no joke, and I am glad Aaliyah now has  school everyday. For her sake, and my own sanity.

When I think back on it though,  I loved every minute of it. Today was a great reminder of how blessed I am.

The three of us were really  happy to be reliving one of those epic days together. Aaliyah and Lola were exuding joy being around each other all day. Random hugs occurred fairly often, and the vibes were just good. We laughed and enjoyed being together and with friends.

Time Stamps and activities

Pilar went to Oakland early this morning for a work trip. So I had a few hours with the girls at home in the morning. We danced to this.


Cuban Jam Session- Pamparana

This series of Cuban Jam Sessions was a favorite of her father Paul. These records were passed down to us, so we have to keep this music present in our lives.


930 am- Playground (Soaking wet playground equipment, but we were 30 min early for the museum and had to kill time)

IMG_6148 Lola’s first time trying the big kid swing. 

10:00 am- Met Casey and her daughter Zola as well as Jeannine and her daughter Jordan at the Children’s museum. We were separated most of the time, but got together long enough to snap this group photo.

This is our crew! We missed Chantille today though.
Aaliayh’s picture of her whole family.
Peep the style though!

IMG_6202  Post museum photo shoot.

1:00 pm- Lola went down for a nap. Aaliyah and I took this opportunity to watch Shrek. It may seem hard to believe, but that was first time I had ever seen the movie. It was pretty good, Aaliyah and I sat together eating snacks just chilling till Lola woke up.

3:00- Shane and Sekou came over and we went to playground again. Aaliyah, Lola and Sekou basically sprinted the entire way there, then ran around and climbed and slid, and swung until it got dark.

They missed each other.



5:00- Dinner and Chill time.

As soon as we got back I made a quick dinner  playlist.

I wanted to start with Life is just a moment, so you better enjoy it.


Life is just a moment- Roy Ayers

Bomdigi- Eric Sermon

Bonita AppleBum (2015) Pharrell Williams edit

Number One- Tuxedo

Pitch in on a Party- DJ Quick

Shaft in Africa- Johnny Pete

Viva Tirado- Gerald Wilson

Che Che makossa- Willie Colon

Don’t make me beg – Soul Notes

Kossa- DJ Day


Now its 8:33,  and Excuse me miss just came on. I forgot about this song. Nice laid back groove for the evening.   Go ahead and play it. This is a Neptune’s produced track. To learn more about the Neptune’s check out SPY MOB they are the backing band for N.E.R.D

Excuse me Miss- Jay-Z and Pharrell.


Spy Mob! Check em out.


Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the music and the memories.





Aaron McMickle

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  1. Your life sounds at once exhausting and satisfying. Taking such pleasure in the everyday things in life is when you truly realize your place on earth and live in the moment. A rare person.

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