Monday Morning Mellowdies

Once a month for 2 hours and 45 min I have to work at a place called the Park Slope Food Coop. If you want to live a happy peaceful life with the women of the Ramos family. You have to shop at the coop, period.

I’ll say that it is a beneficial hassle. The food is great and cheap and you meet some interesting ┬ápeople, however keeping up with the work schedule can be annoying.

To help with the annoyance, I make playlists. My shift starts at 8 am in the child care room. It’s kind of empty at first, and really mellow. So my playlist reflects that feeling.

This is how my last shift sounded. Well at least the first hour.

8 am Monday morning.


Enjoy the music!

Afro- Blue- Oscar Brown Jr.

Breathe in the Air- Pink Floyd

Free – Denice Williams

Cristo Rendentor- Donald Byrd

Sunday Morning- Grant Green

Mysteries of the World – M.F.S.B.

Moorage Daydream- David Bowie

Ziggy Stardust- David Bowie

Tom Drunk- U- Roy

Can I Kick it- A Tribe Called Quest

Ego Trippin II- De La Soul

Soul Drummers- Ray Barretto

Doug’s Room- Mauricio Smith

Web- Hampton Hawes

Second Line on Monday- Chuck Carbo




Aaron McMickle

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