Morning Music on Sunday Afternoon


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Aria- Heard Em Say- Kanye West ( Aaliyah’s Scratch practice record)

I was doing some practice on the bass and a little scratching.  Aaliyah was watching a movie while I got this work in. When the movie ended she asked if she could come play records with me. Of course you can I replied, and we started up a session.

I asked her what she wanted to hear. She said “Music for the Morning” . Since he loves to pick out her own records I asked, which record do you think is good for the morning.

She picks Joni Mitchell Ladies of the Canyon. We drop the needle on it, and  realize the first track is called Morning Morgantown. She wanted mellow music for the morning, dug in the crates and found a song specifically about the morning. I Couldn’t be prouder. She is gaining a value for music, and using it to add to the experiences of her life.

Thanks to Caryn Davidson. She and her family blessed us with six really nice crates of Classic rock, folk, and jazz records. The Joni Mitchell Aaliyah picked was from their collection. Thanks for passing on the love.



Joni Mitchell- Morning Morgantown (Ladies of the Canyon album)


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