A Stormy Monday with an Emotional Rescue: For Parents



When you have kids ages 2 and 4 regular adult human activities are no longer your prerogative. Want to eat breakfast….. no. Want to do the dishes……no Want to take a shower……NO!

A shower. Billions of humans world wide take part in this ritual daily. Bathing, it’s essential for human health, but the repercussions for parents could be disastrous.

Let’s just say the bathroom was flooded and all the Easter candy is gone.  I needed an Emotional Rescue.

T-Bone Walker wrote a blues called Stormy Monday. It is a certified classic and a blues standard. He laments about the struggles of the days of the week, each day being worse than the next. “They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad”

As this morning unfolded into a cloudy, rainy, Stormy Monday I had to play T-Bone, and  let THE BLUES heal my Blues. Hasn’t taken full effect yet, but I’ll just keep listening.

If this Monday had a few storms for you, here is a playlist to make you reflect and hopefully feel better.

Unknown Stormy Monday by T-Bone Walker

51H8tGhuOkL When you are furious drying up water in your underwear with a 2 year old on your back you need

Emotional Rescue – The Rolling Stones


Unknown-1 Stormy by The Meters

This was the first record that started to soothe the chaos.



Ease Back by The Meters. You should really listen to the Meters.


 Can’t Stand it! Even though it is also essential to our existence. It’s just today…..jeeeeez



Be Thankful For What You GotWilliam DeVaughn.

Always try to keep this in mind.


Thanks for listening. I think I feel a little better now. This was a Stormy Monday but I’m about to let it go and pray that Tuesday is not just as bad. Thanks T-bone.


Aaron McMickle

Aaron McMickle- DJ, Father, Musician, Music Lover. If you like how we connect the dots on this site, please leave a comment. Play the music presented here, and come back often. It's a life long journey

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