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I am really glad you made your way to Beats, Times and My name is  DJ Alias (Aaron is good too) I am a husband to a wonderful woman named Pilar, and father to  two amazing daughters. Aaliyah (3) and Lola (1).

I am a DJ,  Musician, Music lover, educator, researcher, dot connector, writer, athlete, and active listener. I have been spinning night life spots, weddings,  and private events all over NYC for 10 years now. I have loved every minute of it. I have learned so much about music and how it moves people. How it touches people and makes them move their bodies in ways that are inexplicable.

Music and dance both come from a place deep within. A place where what is inside of us, is forced to  directly confront what is outside of us. I call this  “The Eye Inside”.  The Eye Inside is what guides my listening, and my daily choices. It’s all a feeling. A feeling that let’s you know you are doing the right thing.

When I hear a song for the first time, I know it’s good if something inside of me moves. Something visceral starts in my spine. I get chills, goosebumps, a head rush, or just start bobbing head or straight up dancing. These are the indicators I use to choose music. I also count on those feelings to guide my personal choices.

Another thing to know about me is that I listen to music with a method. This is called  “Active Listening”,  rarely does music play the background for me. I listen closely to every layer, and try to let each section become ingrained in my memory and person. This type of listening allows me to hear with more depth, and to hear similarities in music with more clarity.

As I continue to grow musically I am on a constant search for the connections between musical ideas, styles, and genres. How one style morphed into another throughout history. If you listen close you can hear so much. I strive to listen as closely as I can. Allowing the music I hear lead me to be a better husband, father, DJ, bass player, and overall person.

Does is sound good?  Does it feel good? …..

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3 thoughts to “DJ Alias”

  1. DJ Alias Schedule for October.

    10/15- H&M Times Square – 5-830pm

    10/16- Top Shop – 5th ave- 1-5 pm

    10/16- Soda Bar Brooklyn- 10pm- 2:30 am

    10/17- Private Event -Manhattan Loft and Terrace

    10/20 – Crunch Ft. Greene- 6-9 pm

    10/22 H&M Times Square – 5-830pm

    10/23- Pianos (Nyc)- 158 Ludlow st 10pm- 4 am

    10/24- Private event – Cosmopolitan Club

    10/28- Brooklyn Nets home opener- Outside of Barclays Center 4:30- 7:30pm

    10/29 – H&M Times Square

    10/31 -Private Event @ Hacienda Alegre Sieste, San Juan Puerto Rico

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