Live if you really want to.

Aaliyah, Clementine, Nina and Mo-Mo. This past week we spent a lot of time with our friends (as always). I took Aaliyah and Lola to Cumbe dance center. We met Clementine, Nina, and Mo-Mo (Morris) there.  I have taken Aaliyah to Cumbe before for Jaime Philbert’s class. She is amazing, but so was this crew.


photo 5

This is Funmi and Olatunji. Olatunji on the Djembe and Funmi was the dance leader. They incorporate African dance, creative movement and  Call and response to create a really fun class. The kids had a great time. Also the music was on point. Check the breakdown below.




photo 3

Aaliyah  Bang, Bang, Bang on the drum baby, BAAAANG BAAAAANG!

What I really love about these classes in general is that the kids are really letting go and expressing themselves with no inhibitions.

As children we were almost immune to any kind of criticism.  As adults we worry a lot about what others think, and try to fit into what society thinks is acceptable.

This feat can keep us from really reaching our dreams.  Stepping out on a limb that seems unsteady is scary. That limb could break and you may  fall. Or you may reach your destination if you are careful.

But you will never know until you let go and try.


Big ups to

Olatunji Ore-

Funmilayo Chesney-


Live your life!

Musical Time Stamps

imgresLive your Life by YUNA


The class after ours was an adult movement class. It began with this song. I heard it as I was putting Aaliyah’s shoes on and had to know what it was. I found it truly beautiful, and a really nice wind down tune for us on our way out.

images      Cristo Redentor – Donald Byrd


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