The Eye Inside Vol I.


This is a look inside my growth as a DJ. I mix through tracks that I used to spin a lot into deeper styles that I am now learning about. I am trying to encompass what music and art really mean to me through the narration. So the music and the vocal interludes are equally important.

Please if you have the time. Listen to the whole mix,  identify a theme, connect it to your own life.

This is a link to the scene the narration is based on. This is from an HBO show entitled SIX FEET UNDER.  Lauren Ambrose who plays Claire Fisher on the show is getting a lesson on puling art out of yourself, and being original.  It really meant something to me and has stayed with me for years. The main piece I take from the show is……

“It’s what happens when exactly what is inside of you connects with what is outside of you. The Eye Inside.







Aaron McMickle

Aaron McMickle- DJ, Father, Musician, Music Lover. If you like how we connect the dots on this site, please leave a comment. Play the music presented here, and come back often. It's a life long journey

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